Using both UART 0 and 1

Hey there,
I know UART 1 is connected for serial log(xil_printf)
How to access UART 0 ? Where can I access RX and TX of UART 0 (as in I can access UART 1 through micro usb)…

Can you clarify what you’re trying to do and on what board? What is connected to UART0 in your scenario?

  1. I’m trying to use both UART. UART 0 for sending data from my pc. UART 1 for the io(xil_printf) .

  2. I have no idea actually. I have connected UART 0 to MIO 48,49 in vivado. But according to schematic they are not connected to anything. But in some other zynq based boards these pin are accessible via pmod. I’m trying something similar.if I get access to RX and TX I could use a ttyl to usb converter and connect it to my pc

I’m using pynq z2 btw
Also I want both UART in ps

Note: I’m a beginner and I have sort of started with UART first because it helps in debugging. All I have done until now is controlling led with buttons

I would appreciate a bit detailed reply in vague words

Thank you