Using OpenAMP with PYNQ

Has anyone try to use OpenAMP( open asymmetric multi processing) framework with PYNQ framework? I am trying to set up communication of one APU core using Linux and the other APU core with RTOS.

Did you get any lead on the topic. I am also looking to use both PYNQ on APU and some application on RPU.

@Laplace @pradeep_gautam

Has anyone been able to get the ZYNQ RPU working with a PYNQ application, and in particular off-loading the data streams, and potentially doing some pre-processing of the data, using the AXI interface from the PL?

@johnsmith @pradeep_gautam @Laplace

Here is an experiments about RISC-V replacement on PYNQ:

The RISC-V Core can run with variations on RISC-V aka asymmetric multi processing.
You can easily find the github link about Xilinx-series FPGA-based RISV.
With the help of ZYNQ you can create AXI-bridge between them.