Is it possible to use OpenAMP and PYNQ simultaneously?

PYNQ 2.6 on a RedPitaya-125-14
Ubuntu 20.04 VM
Xilinx Tools 2022.1 (Vivado & Vitis)
Petalinux Tools 2022.1

I am starting to get into PYNQ and FPGA processing. I would like to know if it is possible to implement OpenAMP onto the board simultaneously with PYNQ? I was also wondering if it would be helpful at all? If it is helpful, the end goal is to create a radar system taking advantage of PYNQ and the python infrastructure.

Also, if there is a possibility it’s useful, are there any ideas of how to implement it? I’ve been looking around for OpenAMP tutorials using PYNQ and I’ve been quite unable to find anyting.