Vivado HLS overlay problem

Hi, i am now a beginner of Vivado HLS and i am going to create a acceleration of matrix multiplication.
I am going to use Vivado HLS to create a custom pynq overlay on ultra96 v2 board.
But i am now starting from doing simple acceleration of array adding to make myself familiar to hardware knowledge.
Hope someone can give some advice!!
The input array is A[50] and B[50] , C[50] is the output i want to return.
The question are as belows:
(1) How can i return the C[50] so that i can see the result with python in jupyter notebook in pynq board?
(2) Is there any other port such as m_axilite or something else instead of axis?
Thanks for helping! Hope you have a nice day!

Hi @TingShen_Kuo,

You can find some basic examples here

  1. You can use AXI4-Stream and a DMA to move data from/to the PS. Or you can use AXI4 and connect to the GP or HP ports of the PS.
  2. Yes, in the previous link there is an example with AXI4-Lite, but if you are after performance AXI4-Lite is not the way to go.

If instead of applying axis pragma you apply s_axilite Vivado-HLS should generate the logic. However, I will recommend to use ap_ctrl_hs so you can start your kernel after moving matrix A and B and polling when the kernel is done.


Thanks Mario! I will keep working on it.
Have a nice day.