Where is bsp_iop.pmod in git repository?

Windows 10 Professional
Vivado v2019.1

I am trying to use PMOD from MicroBlaze reading

In the above article, the “bsp_iop.pmod” is used as BSP.

However, when I see git repository:

I do not find the “bsp_iop.pmod”

It seems there is change in the directory in git repo.
I wonder where I can find the BSP for MicroBlaze to use PMOD.

We removed the BSPs from the repository as they can easily be regenerated and it stops the BSPs and the bitstreams being out-of-sync. The script in the root of the repository will recreate them as part of the large process of rebuilding the bitstreams.

A faster way is to download the PYNQ release file and extract it from the pynq/lib/pmod folder.


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Dear Peter

Thank you very much for your reply.
I will study on the and related (or download from the file you showed me).