Where is the PPS IN for the PYNQ Z2? Attempting to create a time appliance

I am looking at creating a time appliance using the PYNQ Z2, GPS Receiver, and a MAC for my Senior Engineering Design. I am having issues with where the PPS IN should be connected too. I was thinking it would go into a GPIO on the Raspberry Pi header but I am not sure which one, or if there is a better option I am unaware of> Please let me know if you any information that may help

I hope you are well! I was hoping that you could elaborate a bit more. I am not sure what you mean by PPS IN. It would also be useful if you could share will me how you intend to use/connected the MAC and GPS Receiver to the board. It would also help if you could provide more context for your design like a schematic or a further explanation!
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