Workshop: A PYNQ Bootcamp for High School Students

I wanted to share with the community a new workshop repository that was used in our first ever ‘PYNQ Bootcamp’ - a training we put on with partners at the Innovation Center of St. Vrain Valley Schools in Longmont, Colorado USA.

Participants ranged from 7th to 12th grades (i.e. 12- to 17-year old students) and everyone completed a “smarter and adaptable schools” hackathon project. We were amazed at the creativity demonstrated across projects using robotics, computer vision and cloud-based APIs.

Please see the links below for more details on the event:

This training is the third in our line of Jupyter based PYNQ workshops. All workshop material is publicly available, open source and hosted on GitHub.

You can check out our other workhop material at these two links: PYNQ_Workshop and PYNQ_RFSoC_Workshop.