Where do i can learn Pynq Development

Hello, i want to learn Pynq development. Can you suggest and course, videos, books and other materials to learn it? Thanks.

Personally, I learned about PYNQ via xilinx university program (XUP). You can look for xilinx university programs at your location, though you can access the xup materials on github anytime: GitHub - Xilinx/xup_high_level_synthesis_design_flow: AMD Xilinx University Program HLS tutorial.

Also, I found this repo: GitHub - Xilinx/PYNQ_Bootcamp: PYNQ Bootcamp 2019-2022 teaching materials., which seems also good materials.

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Thank you sir. I will look at it. Appriciate.

Hi @csarac,

You can check out the PYNQ Workshop

Also, in the Learn section of the forum there are plenty of deep dives on different topics.


Thank you sir. Appreciate.