Xclbin load error on PYNQ-Z1 with 2.7 SD card image


I’m using PYNQ Z1 board with the 2.7 SD card image ( not custom image ). Everything is ok with bit overlays but when I try to load a xclbin file, embedded_device module gives a naming error.

Than I checked the source code for “pynq/pl_server/embedded_device.py” and I also confirmed that there is no “parse_sections” in “pynq/pl_server/xclbin_parser.py”

Here is the code from the embedded_device.py line 216


class XclbinHandler(BitstreamHandler):
def init(self, filepath):
from .xclbin_parser import parse_sections
self._data = self._filepath.read_bytes()
self._sections, _ = parse_sections(self._data)

Hi there,

This will be fixed in the next release. For now you can grab the fix from this PR: xclbin parsing typo fixes by skalade · Pull Request #1336 · Xilinx/PYNQ · GitHub


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