xclExecBuff error from XRT

Hello everyone,
I am working with a Kria KV260, where I implemented a YOLO application using DPU using code in pynq-dpu.

It works without problems, but it can happen that due to another task I perform while using DPU, the Python interpreter will crash or be killed due to timeout or errors.
It will be up again in a few seconds/minute, but at this point, any overlay I try to download will produce the following output.

If I reboot the board, everything will be fine again and the same overlay that was failing in the picture work without any problem.
Is there a way to try to fix this? like resetting something that could be wrong due to the last Python crash? such as resetting/rebooting XRT or something like that.

XRT version is 2.13.0
pynq version is 3.0.1
pynq_dou version is 2.5

Thank you for your support!

more info pt1:

more info pt2:

(sorry it looks like I am not allowed to put more than 1 picture in a post)

Hi @corrado,

You can just copy-paste the code in a code-block in the body of your post, it’d be easier to parse than screenshots. Can you clarify about what task you perform that causes the python interpreter to crash? There’s 2 logs that would be useful to look at post-crash:

  • Contents of /var/log/jupyter.log
  • Output of the dmesg command

If you just take a look at those logs maybe you’ll see some error messages that would be useful for debug.

If you’re opening other notebooks, reloading overlays, using buffers in another notebook while the dpu notebook hasn’t been cleared, you might run into issues of memory corruption or other undesirable effects.

I’d recommend restarting the kernel of your dpu notebook before doing other overlay work, this would free up the xrt buffers and avoid overwriting/corrupting things when you load other overlays.


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