16x2 LCD Keypad shield

Hello everyone,

I have no so much experience with programming fpgas or microcontrollers.

Can somebody give me an example, How can I print for example “Hello World” on an arduino 16x2 lcd display using pynq z1 board.

Thank you in advance

When you start PYNQ (Jupyter notebook) You will see the an example notebook for the LCD display (at base/notebooks/arduino/arduino_lcd18.ipynb), using which you can display text and even an image.

If you don’t know, how to start or porting to PYNQ, there is prebuild sd card image for PYNQ Z1, just copy it to sd card and run. For more, check:

Edit: I haven’t understand earlier that you want to use 16x2 lcd. There is an tutorial to do similar thing you wanted. Here is the link.

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Thank you very much. I Will try it with the tutorial

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