32 bit image for ZCU104

Hi All,

I have a ZCU104 board and I successfully tested it with the precompiled available image ZCU104 v2.4 PYNQ.

Now I need a 32bit image, instead of this precompiled image that is 64 bit.
Is a 32 bit image for ZCU104 available somewhere or, if not, is feasible to recompile a 32 bit image for this board starting from the sources?


Can I ask why you would want to do this?


Hi Cathal,
thanks for your answer.

I have a project that I already run on the ZC706 that I want to run also on the ZCU104. This project is 32 bit legacy for many different aspects and so I need a 32bit native system.


You may be able to get a 32-bit image working, but this isn’t supported. I’d suggest it might be easier to port your 32-bit application to the ZCU104, rather than trying to rebuild the whole OS and infrastructure to match the older 32-bit board.