ZCU104 & v2.6 image - does it work?

I have a ZCU104 that works properly with the v2.5 image downloaded off I’m using a Sandisk 32g SDCARD, have the boot switches set appropriately, and so on. I downloaded the v2.6 image this evening, dd’ed to the same sdcard I used for v2.5, and the board never reaches the booted state (led stays red). I also tried a brand new Samsung 64g sdcard, with the same result.

Is the zcu104 v2.6 image that is up on the web site known to be working? I’ll admit I was being lazy, normally I would just go build a new image, but hoped I might just be able to jumpstart the task at hand by using what is up on the website.

sum zcu104_v2.6.0.img
33879 7058060