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PYNQ 2.7 with ZCU216 RFSoC, JupyterLabs, Strath-SDR RFSoC Book
PynqLinux, based on Ubuntu 20.04 Rel 2.7 (Austin)

When I try to run the notebooks that use the overlays for my board, I keep getting the following errors:

Server Connection Error: A connection to the Jupyter server could not be established. JupyterLab will continue trying to reconnect. Check your network connection or Jupyter server configuration.

File Load Error for 04_overlays.ipynb: failed to fetch

This is my first dive into the PYNQ and the RFSoC (many years of FPGA design behind me though). We’re using the ZCU216 as the spring board for our next generation receiver. I’m extremely keen to follow the StrathSDR RFSoC book.

I followed the link below to an SD card image for my ZCU216 board, which seemed to work. The board boots and I can get into the command prompt via a TeraTerm serial connection. OS reports as PynqLinux, based on Ubuntu 20.04 Rel 2.7 (Austin)


I opened a web session to the board with and successfully got into JupyterLab after guessing at the password (xilinx)

I successfully installed the RFSoC Book notebooks through PIP, including dependencies as described on the GibHib RFSoC book notebook setup

Im starting with notebook set A. When I start stepping through notebook 03_pynq_introduction.ipynb all is fine until section 4. PYNQ Overlays. When I execute the following code block, I get this error

from rfsoc_qpsk.qpsk_overlay import QpskOverlay
ol = QpskOverlay()


Following this, I can’t shut down the kernel, and more importantly, I can no longer interact with the OS through the TeraTerm serial connection … the system appears to have crashed / hung

I feel that something is fundamentally wrong with my setup. The PynqLinux OS seems fine. I root of the problem seems to be with the hardware overlays.

Im currently feeling pretty lost, so any guidance or suggestions would be gratefully appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

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