A series of open source examples for PYNQ and Xilinx Devices (above 7 series)

Dear all,

Hope you all having a strong start in this new year 2024.
I am attaching a link to CMOS camera and such design example can merged to any 7 series.
New example will keep coming.

If possible, your support is a strong motivation for me to keep working out.

LIKE, SHARE, or even giving out drinks is appreciated.

As always, ENJOY~

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Dear all,

An update had been committed to support more OV5640 resolution and OV9655.

Due to hardware mismatching on OV7740 design verification is delayed.

Update will keep coming.

As always ENJOY~

Dear all,

OV7740 example design had been completed with ultra-simple Debayer RAW-8bit.
The OV7740 EVB has different hardware LDO and camera itself does not have color engine nor debayer. Such that OV7740 can achieve higher fps than general OV7670.

Upcoming will convert current examples to PYNQ-Z2 board stay subscribe.