To operate PCAM 5C Zybo z7-10 with PYNQ

I have Zybo z7-10 board using PYNQ(3.0.0), PCAM 5C.
To perform OpenCV project, I’m looking for way to turn on PCAM 5C and operate basic function.
I’m just a beginner, so I want to get brief guide to operate it in my case.

As far as I understand, for overlay, I need to get the .hwh, .bit file through Vivado’s block design.
Xilinx offers a demo for it:(Zybo Z7 Pcam 5C Demo - Digilent Reference)
So If I get the .hwh and .bit file through block design in demo, Can I apply overlay for PCAM and can it turn on?
Or should I have to make a block design for pcam myself?

A detailed explanation for beginners would be very helpful.
Sorry for not a good English, Thank you for reading!

It depends on what the design does. From a quick look, the design streams data from the camera to the HDMI out. It is controlled by the UART.
I’m assuming there is some application running on the ARM core that reads input from the UART, and uses this to control the IP.
I see there are functions to read and write registers.

  • e : Write a Register inside the Image Sensor
  • f : Read a Register inside the Image Sensor

If you are running PYNQ on the board, and you have the existing design, then you should be able to use it to read/write registers to control the IP.
Yes, you need the files you mentioned - .bit, .hwh
You need to know which registers to access, and what values you need to write to them.


Thank you so much!
It looks very difficult for me, but I’ll have to try it for the project.
I’ll try to use the IP.
Thank you again for your kind reply!

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