"Standard" Linux setup on Pynq Z2

Hello, I am new to FPGA, and pretty new to Embedded and also somewhat inexperienced at “Linux things” so forgive any slip ups below in what I am asking for (the right terms etc)

Are there instructions or pre built " SD card ready" images any where on how to build a “normal” Linux (Ubuntu ?) setup that will run on the Z2 board i.e with a graphical framebuffer using HDMI out, USB input device support, support for the audio DAC as a standard linux audio device,NIC, GPIO access from the shell and so on ?

No, the Z2 doesn’t have graphics acceleration on the Processor side, so this wouldn’t work well.

You can do this with a Zynq Ultrascale, like the Ultra96 board.

What are you trying to do?


I am trying to do what I did on the Zybo board I had 5+ years ago i.e something similar to this

If the only thing I can not do is local video on the Pynq, then would I be able to VNC it perhaps ?

I’m not sure exactly what the Xillybus design is, but yes, you should be able to port this design. On the Zedboard in the picture, the HDMI/VGA are connected to the PL, so there is something in the PL to enable this.