Add multiple DMAs

Hello, I have to add another DMA block so where do I connect it? Do I use HP 1 and HP 3 of the PS or I connect them to HP 0 and HP 2?

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It probably doesn’t matter which HP ports you use, or if you share the HP ports.
The DMA needs to be able to access PS DRAM through the HP ports. You can enable 1-4 HP ports, and connect one DMA per port, or you can connect multiple DMAs to the same HP port using an AXI interconnect. Some configurations may be more optimal than others, depending exactly on the data access patterns, but this may not matter too much for your design.
Optimal for two ports is most likely 0 and 2 or 1 and 3.
If you really want to find out all the details why, you can find more details in the Zynq TRM (Technical Reference Manual) or the Zynq book.


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Alright, thanks Cathal!