Adding to rootfs


Setup: Pynq 2.4 / Ultra96 V1

Im trying to add additonal items to the rootfs system to allow me to probe the displayport adapter with application called “modetest”. To do this i need to add the following packages -> x11 -> base -> libdrm / libdrm-tests.

I have doen this, and confirmed bb recipte is correct but he build process does not make this available. Has anyone else had issues with changing the rootfs to add new items.

I have spent literally days going round in circle trying to understand what is happening. Please also refer to :

Any help greatly appreciated.


I assume if you are talking about recipes then you are trying to add a package to the petalinux project? We don’t take any packages from the petalinux BSP as part of our image - only the boot files (kernel, u-boot, etc.). If you want to add modetest to PYNQ I would recommend copying it into a pre-existing image and installing it from source. GCC and the libdrm libraries are already installed in the rootfs so hopefully it shouldn’t be too challenging.

To add things to the rootfs at build time we have a system of packages. There’s a readme in the sdbuild/packages folder which outlines their structure.