Adding Application to ZCU104 Image

I am rebuilding the ZCu104 image and trying to add a peekpoke user application to the image. To include the application in the image, I modify the makefile in the sdbuild directory to include the application in the rootfs_config file. The build was fine but when I boot up, I did not see the application in /usr/bin. Any recommendation?

Hi, can you provide details on what exactly you did? Which config did you edit? PYNQ is not using petalinux rootfs so the things you changed for petalinux rootfs won’t show up. Refer to the sdbuild/packages for examples of pynq rootfs packages.

In the makefile, I did “echo CONFIG_peekpoke=y” in the rootfs_config file in build/ZCU104/petalinux_project/project-spec/configs. When I do the make, I will think that the root filesystem will include this peekpoke application.

As I said, you will need to work with ubuntu rootfs; the rootfs config you modified is related to petalinux rootfs, which does not exist in PYNQ.