Addition of PYNQ-Z1 board into Vivado

I tried to add board by installing the board files, extracting, and copying the board files folder to \Vivado<version>\data\boards.
I used board_files from

But still Vavado is not listing it in boards.
Any help regarding this. Is files are not updated for Vivado 2020.3?

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Vivado 2020.3 is a special edition which supports Versal devices only. You can find more info on this on the download page:

You should install the version of Vivado that is supported by the PYNQ image you are using.

E.g. for PYNQ v2.7 use Vivado 2020.2


To add Pynq-Z1 board to Vivado, Go to Xilinx folder


Where C:\Xilinx is the default path where Vivado is installed

Add a new folder and name it ‘board_files’

Download Pynq board files from this link

Extract board files then copy them to ‘board_files’ folder
Restart Vivado


Thanks for help. I installed 2016.1. and it is working.

You are welcome
This method that I have explained above works also for the latest version of Vivado 2021.2
I tested

Thanks, Kamal. I just tried it myself with 2021.1 (which is what I had installed) and it worked for me, too. I would have been stuck at the “Add a new folder and name it ‘board_files’” step so that was a big hint.