Install pynq-z1 board_files and board_parts

Hi there,

I recently instealled Vitis/Vivado 2020.2. I downloaded the board files you provide and installed them under path_to_vivado/2020.2/data/boards/board_files, but something seems to be missing, it seems a board_part is required.

vitis_hls complains about this line: set_part {pynq-z1}, it says “Part pynq-z1 is not installed”. I tried with the part name and the result is the same.

Any hints? I saw other boards have a corresponding board_part.xml under board_parts, but that file is not available at your site.

Thanks in advance,

I haven’t tried this with 2020.2 so it is possible something has changed.

You should see this files in the board files:

In the Vitis HLS GUI, can you see the Z2 as an option when creating a new project?
Did you tick the box to install Zynq devices?


You are absolutely right, I had forgotten to install the zynq devices. My bad. Many thanks!