Array Transfer using Axis keeps waiting

Hello. I am new to pynq. Trying to transfer arrays between PS and PL on Pynq-z1 board.

The program is a small neural network. I am imitating the writing from an online tutotial:

For my case, the function input is a (13,) shape float array. The output is a (2,) shape float array. Basically, it is a small neural network input and output.
The neural network is generated from the tool called ‘hls4ml’ that converts a keras model into hls code.
The generated code uses ap_fixed as input and output and I am trying to send data as float arrays and then convert to ap_fixed for generated code to run.
So now I have passed simulation, generated ip and bit file. From the notebook file, seems that it stucks its asterisk at dma output receiving step:

Wondering if it has anything to do with the data type conversion or some other reason?
I have attached the program files and block design.
Thank you! (415.8 KB)

What about running the program in the following order:

def run_kernel():
    resizer.write(0x00,0x81) # start

This is proved to be working for our examples here:

Also, I noticed that you instantiated the in and out buffers using np.float32. I am not sure about its impact because I have not done such a design in the past. Maybe safer to do integers?