Best way to export video functionality from base to another overlay


I am just starting with the PYNQ board and Vivado and I was wondering, what would be the quickest way to extract the video sub block from the base overlay and add it to another overlay design? I would rather like to avoid building it from scratch if there is any way to export it.

For the context, I am trying to add HDMI functionality to a neural network inference accelerator generated by FINN framework.

Thank you!

I’d suggest you rebuild the base design (you don’t need to build the bitstream, just run the Tcl to create the design), and delete the parts of the design that you don’t need.
I’m assuming you are using the same board that the base design was created for?


Thank you, Cathal!

Yes, I forgot to mention, I’m using PYNQ-Z2. I have managed to rebuild the base design and will try the approach you suggested.