Best way to monitor power consumption on Ultra96-V2

My goal is to monitor the power consumption of my Ultra96-V2 Board. First I tried to use the PMBus Overlay from PYNQ, but I only got the voltage out of the sensors. I guess either there is no current sensor or the current sensor is not supported (I think rather the latter :joy:).
When you want to reproduce what I mean on an Ultra96-V2 Board.

from pynq import pmbus, DataRecorder
rail = pmbus.get_rails()

I’ve already read into this similar pynq community post. But it would be soo convenient to just use the PMBus Overlay and Python to monitor the power consumption.

Did you find a method to read the current or power out of the Ultra96-V2? Or did you use other methods?

Thank you for your help! :relaxed:

The functionality is present in the master version of the Ultra96 GitHub repo but it isn’t in a pre-made image yet. There are some limitations - in particular total board power isn’t available only power on main 5V bus post-regulation. This results in the standby rail not being monitored.

I don’t know when the next Ultra96 release will be. You can try building your own image using the instructions in the repo and elsewhere in the forum.


Thank you very much Peter. That helps a lot! :relaxed: