Power measurement using PMbus on ZCU-102

I have built a pynq image for ZCU-102 and am able to successfully run it. I want to measure the PS power consumed and PL power consumed seperately while runnning a program (It has an overlay designed for it) . The following is a screenshot of “pmbus.get_rails()” . I am not sure which rail should I moniter for my purpose . Where will I find this information ? Is this all the power rail that are present on ZCU-102 ? Also I would like to know if the power consumption measured this way will include the power consumed while loading the bitstream on fpga (reconfiguring the FPGA).

You probably need to check the ZCU102 schematic?

Hi ,
I tried going through the schematic of the board. But where exactly should I look for ? I searched for the rail names as indicated by pynq by could not find any rails with these names.

Also, I am not able to find all voltage rails through pynq, I guess. The user guide shows many rails being present, but they are not listed here …

The rail names do not look correct to me; an example here:

When you built the image, did you include a package like this:

Hi Rock,
Thanks for the link.I do not remember including any such package while building the image. But how do I do it ?

You need to create a package like that in ZCU104 packages folder, and add that into your ZCU104.spec file. Your new configuration file will be related to ZCU102 schematic so you need to check that.