Power measurement using PMbus library (pynq.get_rails) on ZCU-106 board

PYNQ version: v2.7.0
Board name: ZCU-106

Hello, I have successfully built v2.7.0 PYNQ image for ZCU106, I would like to measure the PS and PL power consumption when running my own-designed IP.

And I planned to use pynq.get_rails() to monitor the power of the PS and PL. However, I could not find the key belonging to PL or PS (like ‘INT’ or ‘12v’), there is only a power sensor which called ‘power’, so I wonder how to monitor more rails using ZCU106 board?

Here is my execution screenshot:

Btw, when I was building the PYNQ image, I have modified the .spec file from ZCU104 and use it as ZCU106.spec, and add the sensorconf packages in this file. Do I need to modify ZCU104.conf in sensorconf folder? or there are other solutions helping me to monitor PS or PL power on ZCU106?



Are you sure all the rails you are required are with proper hardware support?
see schematic:


Documentation Portal


Yes, I think I need the power rail called ‘VCCINT’ in Table 3-53 that you provided. so how can I print out these rail, as only rails called ‘power1’ appears when executing pynq.get_rails().

Do you mean I should modify the .conf file? Here is my .conf file, I wonder which part I need to modify, thanks!


I am confuse what you need.
There are no chip probing the 12V rail (maybe I missed).
How could you probe 12V when there are no sensor attaching?

BTW label in2 “INT” is what U47 doing (maybe I missed again)?

Sorry, ‘INT’ and ‘12V’ are only the examples I want to use. ‘12V’ could not be probed, and ‘INT’ is what U47 doing. What I need is to monitor the PL power of using ‘pynq.get_rails()’

So I am just wondering how can I get the ‘INT_power’ using PYNQ, because I currently only got the voltage (label in2) based on the print info, where I need to modify?



BTW, it is just a IIC bus you can do it yourself without really huge workload.
Reading couples of IIC registers are trivial.

ok, thanks, I will further check the library : )