Building Pynq hangs (make-mod-scripts)

After a number of evenings letting pynq building boards, and after going through hurdles like the obnoxious bug in Vivado 2020 that crashes if the date goes past 2020, I had it running yesterday overnight and stopped at this task:

make-mod-scripts-1.0-r0 do_configure

So this morning, after 10 h there I thought it was sensible to stop it.
I restarted make, defying Einstein’s quote of “insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result” and is now 2 h stuck at the same point.

The only difference is that yesterday it was task 2284 out of 2300, today is 1974 out of 2300

Is this a known problem? (make-mod-scripts hanging)

My VM has no problem of speed or RAM, runs 4 cores and has 300 GB hd, 32 GB RAM. Host machine is a i7 10th gen quite powerful.


Which location you are placing these aka share directory or the Ubuntu home directory?
Meanwhile, did your network drop due to WIFI?

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Good questions.
No, no WiFi problems. Anyways where it hangs is not fetching any repo or needing internet.
I run make in the pynq/sdbuild folder. in the ubuntu home, nothing network shared

Ah, man, that was it. I changed the date back to 2022 and enabled time sync from the internet.
As I said, I had it disabled and the VM living in 2020 for the aforementioned bug in Vivado 2020.
Now it passed that point at least

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