Building the Image

This is my VM desktop after all software installation and vagrant reload:

Now the make fails:
vagrant@ubuntu-xenial:/pynq/sdbuild$ make
/opt/qemu/bin/qemu-arm-static -version | fgrep 2.8.0
qemu-arm version 2.8.0
which vivado | fgrep 2018.3
Makefile:309: recipe for target ‘checkenv’ failed
make: *** [checkenv] Error 1
that is because which vivado doesn’t return anything… what else shall I do after installation?
All installed program runs fine and I have run
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Probably you already figured that out – you need vivado settings to be sourced so you have vivado command baked into your path.

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I have sourced vivado 2018.3, sdk 2018.3 and petalinux 2018.3 and docnav 2018.3 files. still the Makefile:309: recipe for target ‘checkenv’ failed error is coming when i try to run make BOARDDIR=/home/adsc/PYNQ/myboards
please help

can you upload the terminal output (picture or text file)?