Make file in sdbuild failing

I am trying to follow the readme in the sdbuild directory. I’ve followed the below steps, but when I run make I get an error.
Steps followed:

  • Ensure that sudo is configured for passwordless use and that proxy settings and other environment variables are forwarded correctly.
  • Run scripts/
  • Install Petalinux (e.g. 2017.4)
  • Ensure that Petalinux is on the PATH
  • Run make BOARDDIR=<boards_directory> to recreate all board images
  • Wait for a couple of hours

Image attached showing console. My error message is below:

rob@rob-VirtualBox:~/PYNQ/sdbuild$ make
/opt/qemu/bin/qemu-aarch64-static -version | fgrep 2.8.0
qemu-aarch64 version 2.8.0
/opt/qemu/bin/qemu-arm-static -version | fgrep 2.8.0
qemu-arm version 2.8.0
which vivado | fgrep 2018.3
which sdx | fgrep 2018.3
Makefile:309: recipe for target ‘checkenv’ failed
make: *** [checkenv] Error 1

I’ve looked in the make file and the file and can’t figure out what this means.

Any ideas?

I pulled the master branch from the PYNQ repo, I’m using vivado 2018.3. The setup_host file ran fine.

Each of those which checks is testing to see if a particular tool is installed. In your first post the error is a missing SDx installation. This was required for earlier versions of the build flow but now we ship the precompiled objects as part of the repository. You can safely remove line 310 of the makefile to delete this check. We’ll update this is in the next version. Your second post is failing on vivado which means you haven’t sourced the in that shell.


Thanks Peter! I’ll work on this route.

Quick questions - is the SDx a the SDK?

SDx - the way PYNQ allocates memory for the hardware is built on the SDx runtime. We now ship the precompiled library so it shouldn’t be necessary to install the tool.