Change Jupyter notebook kernel

I have the pynq 2.3 image loaded on my pynq-z2. Jupyter only enables me to create a new “Python 3” notebook and when i display the python kernel it shows me

from platform import python_version

Is there a way to change it to 3.7? (i have it installed already and can run it with python3.7) i need to use a library that is builded to 3.7 but no for 3.6.5 and i cant import it.

Or is a way to run the jupyter notebooks with 3.7 and not 3.6.5?

You can try following the instructions at Installing the IPython kernel — IPython 7.26.0 documentation to add a new kernel. Note that you’ll need to run the install commands as root as that’s the user that Jupyter notebook on PYNQ runs as.

Note that this isn’t something we support so it might be worth asking in IPython forums as well if you run into difficulties.