Composable Pipeline for ZCU104


I think the Composable Pipeline is a great learning tool / demonstration but didn’t have a supported board. I ported the design to run on the ZCU104. I forked the design and posted it to Github.

Besides needing to learn the PYNQ/Vivado system, the challenges came from needing to initialize the HDMI in the python code and generating a Makefile that would build the project correctly.


  • Auto sense resolution: Some of the code initializes for 1920x1080. It would be good to initialize the output based on the input. (though you can insert a Mode command into the jupyter notebook to set the resolution)

Porting Overview:
I built the project for the Pynq-ZU, changed the board and started going through the issues. Some things I did:

  • Remove the RGB LEDs
  • Remove the MIPI interface
  • Changed the pinout.xdc to map the pins correctly
  • Manually redrew the DFX regions to include enough resources

I hope this helps someone.

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