Connect wislink cellular bg96 arduino shield with PYNQ-Z1

Hi everyone!

I need some help with the connection of the arduino header, PYNQ-Z1 board with the wislink cellular BG96 arduino shield, but I haven’t found any documentation on how to start developing, meaning the design part of the PYNQ board on Vivado then the developing part of the arduino header(wislink celllular),
Has anyone done this before, for start design the arduino processor and header on the vivado for the pynq-z1?
I have found that those two boards can pluged in as arduino header shield but I do not know how to design them and make them communicate.

ps. Sorry if I’m not understandable but I’m really confused on how to do this :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Assuming the shield is compatible (PYNQ-Z1/Z2 don’t support 5V), and assuming driver code is available, then you need to port the driver for the shield to PYNQ (or write your own driver).

If you use the base overlay, there is a MIcroBlaze controlling this interface. You could port the code to run on the MicroBlaze.
You could check info here: