Need additional UART

I’m working on a project that requires reading data from an Arduino shield for the Zigbee transmitter. For this I must configure an Rx and Tx of a UART interface. How I can add a UART on the PYNQ-Z1 platform and then read the data in jupyter.
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There are a number of ways you could approach this. I’d suggest you might try use the IOP (microblaze based subsystem) in the base overlay. You shouldn’t need to change any of the hardware, and would only need to write software to do this.

Some info here:


Thank you Cathal for your response.
If I use the UART that you suggested in the link, I think the functions to read and write will be work with the USB in the board, is that the case?
Is it possible to add a new UART? I will appreciate if you could suggested an exemple.
Thank you.

The IOP is connected to the Arduino pins, so not the USB.

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