Deployment Error: xclbin file not found (BNN-Pynq on Kria KV260)


I have followed the FINN notebook example (BNN PYNQ CNV CIFAR10) and scp’d my zipped file over to the Kria KV260 board. I am on Ubuntu 22.04 using Pynq version 3.0.1 and have been able to run notebooks using the venv before.

However, I am getting a strange error when trying to run

sudo python3 --inputfile=input.npy

According to FINN’s notebook example, this should allow you to run a simple CNN on the Kria board. I checked out some troubleshooting at Daiphys website and fixed some of the related issues with “No Module Pynq as sudo” as well as “no devices found”. Here is the output:

It seems to be related to an xclbin file but not too familiar with the specifics, just trying to follow the traceback and look under the tmp folder with no luck. Any ideas of what might be stopping this script from running?

Thank you

This issue might be related to the ZynqBuild call in the notebook. It spawns a regular zynq_ps bd but we might need the zynq ultrascale + mpsoc part, will see if this can be manually stitched together or if anyone has any tips on how to automate via finn

Update: I was finally able to get this to work thanks to this forum. Instead of running this on a plain ubuntu terminal, you need to fire up the Kria Jupyter and run your zipped up files using their script. I hope this helps someone in the future.

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