Device or resource busy at the very end of the build process

error.txt (4.1 KB)

So almost the entire process ran. The boot.bin and image.ub files have been generated in the boot partition . The ZedBoard-2.4-img is generated in ~/PYNQ/sdbuild/output.
Three partitions → dev , boot and bionic arm were created in total. The bionic arm and dev partition was unmounted too but the error came when trying to unmount the boot partition of(105 MB). passwordless sudo is done by me by including the adsc=(ALL) = NOPASSWD: ALL in the etc/sudoers file under includedir /etc/sudoers.d.

I think the process has been completed , just the kpartx failed to remove the device (here the image file).
Please tell me whether i can proceed with the image generated and manually unmount the boot partition or do i have to run the entire process again?

My doubt is after that kpartx delete command, is there anything left to be done?
If not , maybe we can safely proceed with the SD card. ** As you can see in the image only the 105 mb volume could not be unmounted , the other two were unmounted by the build flow itself**

img file.

If only the final stage failed to unmount, you can proceed with that image.

However, can you post your error log message so we can make the flow robust if needed?

It is solved. The last time it failed , I didn’t unmount the partitions. That is why it showed device or resource busy, since it was already mounted by the previous make build.