DMA error in DAC-ADC loopback

PYNQ Version: PYNQ 2.7.0
Board: ZCU111
Error: DMA channel not started
ADC : ADC224_T0_CH0
DAC: DAC229_T1_CH2

Problem Description:
I want to do DAC-ADC loopback in ZCU111 board. So, I generated sinusoidal signal of 8192 samples, and transferred to DAC via DMA. In receiver side, the samples from ADC are stored in DDR via DMA.
But I am getting error “DMA channel not started”

I have attached tcl file and python file.

Please help me resolve this problem.
dac_adc_loopback.ipynb (20.9 KB)
dac_adc_loopback.tcl (24.2 KB)

I am also attaching hwh file and DMA configuration screenshot.
dac_adc_loopback.hwh (592.9 KB)

ADC & DAC clock configuration

You may have the same issue with “TLAST” as this post: Zynq Ultrascal+ RF data Converter to DMA - #4 by cathalmccabe


Thanks Cathal, with tlast generation module it is working