DPU-PYNQ v1.3.2 release

Dear PYNQ users,

We have DPU-PYNQ officially supporting Vitis AI 1.3.2 now:

This release is compatible with:

  • Vitis AI 1.3.2
  • Vitis / Vivado 2020.2
  • PYNQ v2.6.0 image
  • ZCU104, ZCU111, and Ultra96

Some notes:

  1. This is a minor release to support the latest Vitis AI 1.3.2 compilers and runtime.
  2. If you see compatibility issues with VAI 1.3.0 models, please revert to DPU-PYNQ 1.3.0 using pip3 install pynq-dpu==1.3.0

Please use the PYNQ discussion forum to report any issue.


PYNQ team

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