Vitis AI + PYNQ

Hello everyone,

I have a question related to the brand new framework by Xilinx, Vitis AI.

Looking at the doc, it seems that different low-level APIs (to create / destuct / use DPUs) are available from python.

Did anyone here have any success in using those together with PYNQ, or may have any pointer in trying to do so?

Thank you very much!

We have some ongoing work on DPU and we have verified vitis AI 1.1 on our image v2.5. Stay tuned for the DPU-PYNQ repo as it will come out very soon.


I’m excited for this! Congrats for the amazing job and good luck!

I’ll keep an eye here and on github


Check DPU-PYNQ repo: GitHub - Xilinx/DPU-PYNQ: DPU on PYNQ

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