Error Loading Overlays made with Vivado 2023. Not reading the .tcl correctly

Hi Pynq community!

Board: Arty Z7 7020 (xc7z020clg400-1)
Vivado version: 2023.1
SD Card version: 3.0.1 (for PYNQ Z1)
Pynq version: The one installed by default in that SD

And when loading the overlay I get the following error:

Bitstream name: /home/xilinx/pynq/overlays/tap_delay_line/design_1.tcl
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
File "/home/xilinx/pynq/", line 293, in **init**
tcl = _TCL(_get_tcl_name(self.bitfile_name))
File "/home/xilinx/pynq/", line 240, in **init**
key ="key")
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'group'

This is my system

This is my tcl file:
design_1.tcl (33.3 KB)

I understand that this is due to trying to group a None result from a regular expression that didn’t find any matches.

But how can I generate the correct tcl file ? I’m using File>Export>Export Hardware… for that.
Also, I’ve read about the hwh file in the forums, but this is not in the tutorial, and I didn’t found it on the readthedocs(just mentions it once). I understand that the difference between using hwh and tcl is the pynq version ?
Should I upgrade my pynq version ?

Are you uploading the design_1.bit file as well? If not you should do so. I think the overlays are built from reading the bitstream file (i.e., overlay("bistreamfile.bit")).

And might as well upload the design_1.hwh file as well. I’ve gotten errors for not having one named correctly on the latest pynq version.

Thanks for your reply.

I’m using the pynq version that comes with the 3.0.1 image for Pynq Z1. And it seems to be Ubuntu 16.04 with python3.6. The system won’t allow making " pip install --upgrade --upgrade-strategy only-if-needed pynq" and gives an error.
That Pynq version is so old, that does not look for any hwh file, only .tcl. :frowning:

Adding the hwh is not helping, also I’ve already checked the code and looks only for tcl file with the same name as the .bit but different extension.

How do you to have the latest pynq in this board, do you download an image from another site that is not the pynq official website ?

Hi @Alfredo_Solari,

If you got the PYNQ 3.0.1 SD card image, the Ubuntu version is 22.04.

I am confused about the board, you mention Arty Z7 and PYNQ-Z1. Which one are you using?


Thank you. I was confused with this, I was using the wrong image. I was sure that I burned 3.0.1 in the SD card, but somehow I loaded 2.7.

I’m really sorry! Thank you for your patience! And for your replies!

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