Generating PYNQ SD card image with Ubuntu 20.04


I have tried to generate PYNQ SD card image in Ubuntu 20.04 but it does not work. When the support of Ubuntu 20.04 will begin ?

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Most of the pynq images are based off 18.04 ubuntu right.

You can try downloading the rootfs of pynq from the official website and try to have 20.04 OS built on it. Although I doubt if 20.04 in embedded environment will have all the packages and dependencies satisfied when you try to run an application.

Do we know when PYNQ start supporting Ubuntu 20.04 ?

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Are these questions asking about building a PYNQ image based on Ubuntu 20.04, or are you asking about building the PYNQ image on a Ubuntu 20.04 host machine?

If you are waiting for PYNQ running on 20.04, the next v2.7 PYNQ will be based on 20.04.

If you want to build PYNQ images but you have a Ubunutu 20.04 host, can you use a (18.04) VM to build the image?


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My question is about building of PYNQ image on a Ubuntu 20.04 host machine and yes, I am waiting for v2.7 PYNQ that can support building PYNQ image on Ubuntu 20.04. Any idea when it is releasing ?

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Hi @david_j,

The pynq 2.7 release will be tied to Vivado/Vitis 2020.2. petalinux for this version is not supported in Ubuntu 20.04. See Supported OS

So, building pynq in a Ubuntu 20.04 host machine is not going to be supported in the next released.
As Cathal mention, please use a Virtual Machine to run the supported OS.