Confused about building PYNQ image using Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04


I am confused on the documentation. Correct me if am wrong but the documentation states that the PYNQ image build flow has been tested on Ubuntu 16.04, but not 18.04. Thus me might need additional packages to run on 18.04. Is this correct?

Where could I find the additional packages to get it working on 18.04? I saw that there was a special folder to enable Ubuntu 18.04 host support on PYNQ’s repository. Are those the additional packages needed?

It should work as well on Ubuntu 18 host machines. Which documentation did you check? Maybe we need to fix that.

So in the "Choosing a VM environment heading, it states that it was tested on Ubuntu 16.04, and right after that it states that the other versions should work, but may require different or additional packages. However, the guide does say that Ubuntu 18.04 is being targeted for the build.

I noticed that their is a folder called “ubuntu/bionic”, so I was assuming this was where the additional packages for Ubuntu 18.04 were located.

We will update this file. It has not been updated for a while.