Unable to build wheel for pynq


PYNQ Version : 2.7
Board : PYNQ Z2

I have built PyTorch v 1.8 following this tutorial PyTorch on Zybo Z7. However I require pynq package to run on python 3.7 virtual env to access the hdmi ports and the PL for acceleration. When i runpip3.7 install pynq -v, I get this output

But I have installed numpy on the virtual environment as seen below

Any steps that I could follow to resolve this error and install pynq on the venv
Thanks for the help in advance

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Hi @pratapkygo,

Welcome to our community.
Virtual environments are a bit tricky. Can you try to install pynq with the switch --no-build-isolation?


Thanks for the quick reply @marioruiz.

It worked. Although I had to install ‘cffi’ explicitly but I was able to successfully install pynq onto the virtual env.


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