Help linking new overlay to make process


What is involved with making your own ‘board’ in the /boards directory? I’ve copied the Pynq-Z1 folder and called it Rob-1. I then modified the block design in ‘base’ directory using vivado. I"ve produced a new .bit file and .tcl file describing the block design. I then tried to kick off a new build process using the following command from the sdbuild directory.

make BOARDS=Rob-1

I get the error shown in the attached screenshot. Is there any documentation describing this process? I’ve read about creating a new overlay where you just save the .big and .tcl file and load them once linux has booted, but I’m curious as to how I can start customizing my image by having a custom ‘boards’ folder. Any insight is helpful, I haven’t found much documentation on this so far.

Forgot to attach a screenshot of the error. See attached.

So I think the problem was that I didn’t edit the spec file. The below article was very helpful and help me solve this problem.

Hopefully this is helpful to someone else