How can I let PYNQ-Z2 connect PC

I have connected my laptop and board with internet
then I let laptop ip = and use local search
but it say i can’t connect
and i use ip scanner is can’t to find board ip

Can you provide the output of ip a on the board, and the same command on a Linux computer, or ipconfig /all on a Windows computer?

Can you try ping from the computer to the board, and also from the board to the computer and provide this output too?


i’m try it, ipconfig /all can see my laplot ipv4: and then try to ping the board on cmd
but it’s not find it

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Can you run the following on the board:

ip a

Is the ping output showing you “packets”:
Sent 4, received 1 and lost 3?
Can you try run ping several times?

Can you check you see LEDs on the Ethernet port of the board? (Yellow/orange). If you don’t, you may want to try another cable.


it’s also can’t to ping th board
the Leds orange sometimes orange green cross
I feel I have to try another cable , later , I will to try again

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Hey I think I have simillar issue and did not find solution so far but I leave here link to my topic so maybe one of the comments there will be helpful for you.

thanks, I will try this,and I will try use rounter and new cable to connect the board again on this weekend.

Hey my problem is solved try to follow these instructions:

  1. I followed instructions under these two links:
    2 Restart my computer
    3 Disable all in my computer Wifi, bluetooth, VPN (just not ethernet ofcourse)
    4 Run PYNQ-Z2 board
    5 Connect computer with board via ethernet (I think it is important to first start up the board and let to flash all LEDs and after that plug ethernet cable)

I will use both language on this reply:

你試用串口連接ZYNQ板,串口設115200,IFCONFIG 一次看有否ETH0 和ETH0(XXX)。一般來說,ZYNQ是設了192.168.2.99,但這不代表他就一定要用2.XXX的網區。他也會自動設立一個1.XXX的網區如果你是有ROUTER的情況下。

Please try to connect the ZYNQ with the usb and open serial monitor and set the BR to 115200 and ifconfig the board status. In general eth0 is default set to but this doesnt mean the board cannot auto assign one by itself as there are eth0(xxx) is create automatically when your board is connected to other subnet (of cause this is assumed there is a router in the setup).