Pynq board connection via network router

I have connected PYNQ ethernet to router LAN port and PC with wi-fi. I am trying to connect using, but not able to connect to board.

network setting:
-EAp method: PEAP
-Phase 2 authentication : MSCHAPV2
-Identity : your username
-Password: your password

how to set these setting in pynq board, if required?? any other idea?

1 Like is a default static IP address. You shoudl only use this when you connect your board directly to your PC.

When you connect your board to your router, the router will act as a DHCP server and allocate an IP address to your board. This could change when your restart the board, but ion practice most routers will assign the same IP address for a device.

You need to find the IP address that has been assigned to the board. You can do this in different ways.

  1. pynq is the defualt hostname of your board. You may be able to browse to the hostname which may resolve to the IP address automatically:
  2. You can try ping pynq. It may resolve the hostname and show the IP address.
  3. If you can connect a terminal to your board you can run the following to find the IP of your board.
    ip a
  4. You can log in to your router and check for details of the board. If the board is connected most routers will show the IP it has been assigned.
  5. You can use an app on your mobile phone to scan your network to search for your board. I use “fing” on an iPhone, but you can search for “network scanner” in your phone’s app store.

There are probably others ways you can find it. Once you get the IP of the board you can browse to http://


still not working.
I see ethernet status as follow:

xilinx@raj:~$ nmcli device status
dummy0 dummy unmanaged –
eth0 ethernet unmanaged –
sit0 iptunnel unmanaged –
lo loopback unmanaged –

Can you run and copy the output here?
ip a

PYNQ is running on a Ubuntu based OS. If you need a particular network config, I woudl suggest you search Linux or Ubuntu forums for instructions to configure them (on cmd line).



OK. I can see you don’t get an IP address.
As mentioned before I would suggest you search on Linux/Ubuntu forums. Would this help?: