How to access to the PYNQ remotly

Does anyone know how to access to the PYNQ remotly ??

I read from a paper that you can install VNC Server and run VNC Viewer in the remote computer, but it is not working, I dont know if there is something else to configure.

The main way to connect to a PYNQ board is via Ethernet. If your board is on a network you have access to, you can already access Jupyter notebook on the board remotely.


It is possible to use it either using an ethernet or with an wifi module (for this you will need a USB dongle and Ralinkg 5370 is recommended).

You can also access your PYNQ using ssh with ssh xilinx@your_pynq_ip_address.

I haven’t tried VNC, but you can check how it is done in a raspberry pi and try to replicate on your pynq in a similar way.