Can’r access pynq:9099

Hello everyone,

I am using PYNQ-Z2 board, and after booting my board “saw the LED behavior blue then 4 LED are ON”.

It’s time to connect to Jupyter Notebook, I can’t access pynq:9090.

My setup is:

I connected my board to the router via Ethernet.

My PC is connected to the router via Ethernet.

My board is powers via a USB that is connected to the router.

My OS is Linux Ubuntu 20.04.

Anyone know what might be the issue here ?


I think it is better to check your pynq board IP address. You can get it from the router admin portal, or you can use a USB serial from your pynq board and type “ifconfig”. after you get the IP address of your board, you can access it by change the pynq with your ip address. for example your ip address is, then type in browser



Thank you so much, your answer was very helpful.

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