Programming PYNQ without internet connection

Hi I’m using the PYNQ Z2 board. I can’t connect it to my university network (very strict IT rules) so I’m trying to work around this. Is it possible to write code in a Jupyter Notebook then download a bitstream/image to my computer that I can manually transfer over to the PYNQ (either by manually adding the image to my SD card or uploading the bitstream using vivado)?

Thanks in advance.

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Why not simply unplug the SD card put the bit, hwh, to the fat partition with a folder if you like and run the python script via the serial port (you are also able to edit it via serial terminal vi) from the board to the host PC via a simple usb mini or C what ever the UART converter uses.

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Is it possible for you to connect the board directly to your laptop via the Ethernet port?