How to build Pynq to use Ubuntu Xenial not Bionic

The Pynq github repo sets up ubuntu bionic but the top-level README claims that other Ubuntu distros could be used instead. How, specifically, can I build Pynq with ubuntu 16.04 as my desired distro?

The flexibility is there but it’s not something we’ve tested/supported. Using a new distro involves setting the UBUNTU_RELEASE=xenial in the Makefile and then creating the appropriate files in ubuntu/xenial folder. You’ll need

  • multistrap.config to specify the packages you want to install
  • Any patches you want to make to the base installation - we use this for auto-logging into the terminal and other small things.
  • A config file specifying the rest of the PYNQ setup

We supported Xenial in version 2.2 so you might be able to reuse some of those files - in particular the multistrap.config file and patches.


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Thanks for the info! I’m now running into a new problem that appears to be related to a recent issue - Creating Pynq for custom board gives error